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Terms & Conditions


  • The person who rents the equipment is forward named as “You”.
  • FaroSurfRentals is a brand belonging to NomadCanguru, lda, that rents campervans, tents, camping, sport and leisure equipment, with Tax Identification Number PT514806451, forward also named as “We” or “Us”.


  1. You must provide correct contacts (email and phone)
  2. We can contact the renter (phone/email) for confirmation of the booking. In case you do not confirm the booking, we do not guarantee the availability of equipment.


  1. You must pick-up and drop-off the equipment during the working time: From Monday to Friday, from 9h00 to 17h00.
  2. The pick-up and drop-off outside of the normal time or weekends may be possible upon request. Please write us.
  3. For reservations with pick-up on the same day or less than 24h in advance, please contact us via WhatsApp for confirmation of availability.


  1. You must pay the full booking amount during the pick-up.
  2. The security deposit ranges.
  3. There is a security deposit between 10-200€, depending on the rented equipment.
  4. You can do the deposit via credit card or in cash.
  5. We refund the security deposit during the check-out in case there are no damages or losses.
  6. In case you want to return equipment earlier than the check-out date, we will not refund the missing days.


  1. You must give notice of any defects not spotted by us during the check-in. If you did not notify us during the check-in or shortly after, it is considered that you received the equipment in perfect working order.
  2. You shall return the equipment in a clean and similar condition as you have received it. Normal tear and wear will be accepted.